Diretta Piccolo : déclinaison grand public du module Lucia

Diretta n’arrête plus ses développements. Après le développement du module Lucia, embarqué notamment dans les produits SPEC RMP-UB1, Diretta présente le module Lucia Piccolo qui est une déclinaison plus abordable et plus concentrée du module initial. Vous retrouverez plus d’informations sur le site facebook de Diretta ici et ici.

Oliospec va être le premier à intégrer le module Lucia Piccolo dans le produit Canarino.

This board is an all-in-one Diretta Target USB bridge for B2B customers.You only need to feed it with DC 5V in good quality and to connect the LAN cable as well as your USB-DAC/DDC.It has two USB-A connectors for a USB audio device. The USB-B connector is reserved for features under development.As a product for end-users, we look forward to being contacted by enthusiastic manufacturers who are willing to design its case. A development kit is available for a fee strictly to B2B customers.For end-users, please wait for an announcement in your country. We believe the final retail price will become affordable to the most of people who want to enjoy the sound Diretta audio protocol creates.

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