[ENGLISH] Diretta ALSA drivers integrated in AudioLinux distribution

Since few days, Piero OLMEDA from Audiolinux integrated the latest ALSA drivers from Diretta into the release of AudioLinux. The integrated ALSA drivers are the 104_8 review. Piero will ensure the updates of the next release and an easy installation for the different kernels is already available in Audiolinux (package loaded automatically during the boot). This is bringing an easy step forward for the”none geek of linux” to try Diretta under Linux environment with support of Roon, HQPlayer Embedded, UPnP through MPD+UPMPDCLI.

For the ones who would like to try, it still requires few commands to be hitted. Let’s follow the recommendation below :

# Open the menu of Audiolinux and move to the “command section”

# install the new package with the following command yay -Sy diretta-alsa-daemon diretta-alsa-dkms –noconfirm

Files are installed in /opt/diretta_alsa

# Update the settings with an editor. Default settings are already in place and the file can be find here : /opt/diretta-alsa/setting.inf

# Enable the service : for multi target devices with the following command sudo systemctl enable diretta_alsa.service . For single target device with the following command : sudo systemctl enable diretta_alsa_single.service

# Reboot through the Audiolinux menu or with the following command : sudo reboot now

I already tested with Roon and Roon+HQPlayer Embedded and already working very well. Would test later with other options (LMS/UPnP) but no doubts it would work great.

When you are updating the setting.inf file, do not forget to stop, for example RoonServer (sudo systemctl stop roonserver) and HQPlayer (systemctl –user stop hqplayerd), update setting.inf, restart diretta service (sudo systemctl restart diretta_alsa_single.service) and restart your other service (sudo systemctl start roonserver and systemctl –user start hqplayerd).

Let’s follow the discussions on the forum here.