dCS Network Bridge : Evolution software 4.0.6 (26/02/2019)

Après les mises à jours pour les produits Vivaldi, Rossini et Bartok, dCS vient de proposer ce jour (26/02/2019) une mise à jour pour le Network Bridge en version 4.0.6. Les modifications apportées sont reportées ci-dessous et vous pouvez retrouver les informations complètes dans ce lien.

New Features and Enhancements

• Completely re-written Roon Ready module using independent signal path (see Usage Notes, section 4)

• Finalized support for Bartók DAC and Bartók Headphone DAC

• Finalized support for Rossini SACD Transport control

• Finalized support of Rossini 2.0 new features

• Updated Roon Ready software to version 1.1.32

• Implemented new MQA signaling logic to eliminate dropouts during Roon playback with Bartók and Rossini 2.0

• When using a Vivaldi Upsampler and DAC in Universal Master Mode a resync delay is no longer required in Roon’s audio device setup

Bug Fixes

• Corrected an issue where navigation controls in the dCS app did not function correctly on the iPhone XS Max and XR (app 1.4.10)

• Corrected several long-standing UI issues with Roon metadata display on device front panel and in dCS app

• Roon signal path now properly reflects device output in use (digital output, analog output, headphone output)

• Roon grouped playback no longer exhibits issues with playback starting out of sync

• Roon grouped playback properly accounts for DAC buffer setting

• Added device, configuration, and sample-rate specific playback start delays to ensure track starts are not cutoff with Roon playback.

• Refined messaging between network card and DAC to reduce track transition times (especially with MQA content)

• Front panel display of dCS device reflects the proper state when Roon queue is played through to the end or Roon playback is stopped (long-press of pause button)

• Network firmware version along with FPGA version are now properly displayed in Roon

• Device recovers properly after a crash of the Roon module

• Proper state is reported back to Roon core when device put into standby

• Changed text associated with Factory Reset option in the embedded web interface to avoid confusion with front panel Factory Reset option

• Various patches, minor fixes, and housekeeping

Known Issues

• dCS app does not remember position in long lists when browsing back to list

• dCS app does not always reconnect to device automatically on resume

• MQA content does not playback gaplessly via UPnP or native Tidal

• Some flac files played back via UPnP or local USB experience a delayed start

• Some MQA files (especially MQA CD rips) are not recognized as MQA when played via UPnP or locally-attached USB storage

• Various Airplay issues: Distortion on some tracks, erratic behavior with YouTube, etc

• [Network Bridge] Under certain circumstances the dCS app may report an incorrect volume setting. Adjusting the volume level or killing and restarting the dCS app will clear the fault.

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