[English] Roon updates to v1.5 build 354

Roon released few days ago an update (Build 354) that brings following improvement/Corrections

New Functionalities

  • Chromecast Displays
  • Web Displays
  • Real Time Lyrics
  • Added support for Radio banning using ROONRADIOBAN tag
  • Support for macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Support for iOS 12 and new iPhone Models

Bug Fixes

  • Android stability fixes
  • macOS accessibility permission for MojaveCrash fixed
  • Show informational popup when requesting access to Media Keys
  • iPhone scaling changes for new iPhone models
  • Improved handling of devices that are Airplay 2 only
  • Fixed Shift-click selection on macOS
  • Facebook sharing works on mobile, instructions provided on desktop
  • Memory issues on Nucleus and Nucleus+ fixed
  • Fixed bug preventing identification if file has bootleg tag but no live tag
  • Fixed bug causing instability when zone has a bad network connection
  • Fixed bug causing memory leak if NTP request is lost
  • Fixed bug causing end of song to be cut off with Audeze Preset
  • Fixed remote crash if wifi disconnects
  • Android: fixed bug opening PDF file
  • Fixed shift-click selection on High Sierra
  • Upgraded iOS SDK

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