Korg iAudiogate sur iOS : Mise à jour en version 4.0

iAudiogate de Korg, vient d’être mis à jour en version 4 sur iOS. Vous retrouverez des infos et tests sur ce lien.

Vous pouvez retrouver les mises à jours ci-dessous

Version 4.0 New Features (2018.02.20 Update)

  • Added PrimeSeat to music distribution service view. Support for PrimeSeat hi-res streaming

  • Songlist view for each distribution service can now be refreshed by swiping down

  • Abolished the real-time conversion setting in Setting View. Improvements to the playback engine

  • Fixed: DSD native playback which could not be used on iPhone X, iPhone 8

  • Fixed: songs are no longer displayed in the control center after displaying alerts

  • Support for iOS 8 has been terminated

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements


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