dCS : mise à jour de la plateforme Mosaic (v1.1.1)

dCS vient de mettre à disposition une mise à jour pour sa plateforme MOSAIC en version v1.1.1 software et Build 504 pour la partie hardware. Elle s’adresse aux produits connectés dCS tels que le DAC/Ampli Casque Bartok, Vivaldi Upsampler, Rossini et Network Bridge.

Cette mise à jour dont vous retrouverez la Release Note ici propose des corrections de bug (comme par exemple l’impossibilité de lire des AIFF acheté chez QOBUZ) ainsi que de nouvelles fonctionnalités pour le DAC et Ampli Casque Bartok (dCS Expanse) ainsi que Tidal. Le White Paper pour dCS Expanse est disponible ici. Une playlist Tidal pour Expanse est disponible ici.

Descriptif de Expanse

In short, Expanse is a feature for the Bartók Headphone DAC Amplifier that utilises cross feed to shift the perceived sound source with headphones from inside the head to in front of the listener. We deemed this a worthy feature for the Bartók as there is a growing imbalance between how music is monitored during recording, mixing and mastering – on loudspeakers – and an ever growing number of users listening to music on headphones at the playback stage.

We didn’t feel that any of the existing cross feed technologies were worthy of inclusion in our products. For example, the majority of existing cross feed technologies rely on the addition of artificial reverb to compensate for reverb levels appearing reduced when listening on headphones. While such technologies will go a way to shifting the sound source outside of the listeners head, it does so at the expense of the sense of space within the recording.

Instead of adding in artificial reverb which was not present during the production of a track to combat this issue, Expanse aims to preserve the reverb of the original recording while applying cross feed. This brings the soundstage more in line with what the engineers would have been hearing during production, without doing so at the expense of the spatial information of the recording.

Descriptif des Changements de Mosaic v1.1.1

Mosaic 1.1.1 contains the following new features.
• Support for dCS Expanse: Mosaic Control includes settings to enable / disable
dCS Expanse on the Bartók Headphone DAC
• TIDAL My Mix: Added support for TIDAL’s auto-generated playlists (My Mix)
based on individual user play history
The following changes reflect improvements to existing functionality or fixes to identified
• TIDAL: Implemented new login and authentication mechanism for TIDAL (users
will now be redirected to TIDAL website for service login)
• TIDAL: Playback options are now shown correctly for the TIDAL Artist Radio
• Media Browsing: Fixed several issues where metadata lookup functions were
incorrectly shown when browsing Deezer, Qobuz, or a UPnP server
• Media Browsing: Playback options are now properly shown when browsing the
MinimServer [folder view] tree
• Play Queue / Playlists: Increased the maximum number of tracks able to be
added to the Play Queue or a Playlist.
• Playback: Fixed an issue in which very long track / album names could cause a
device crash
• Playback: Fixed an issue in which AIFF files downloaded from Qobuz were
• Device Control: Fixed an issue which would cause a device to wake itself from
• Device Control: Fixed an issue that caused some settings menu items not to
populate correctly within Mosaic Control
• Interface: Adjusted screen layout to allow for app display on lower resolution
Android tablets (minimum display height is now 600 dp)

Interface: Fixed an issue in which a double-tap action within Mosaic Control
would lead to unpredictable behavior
• Device Discovery: Complete re-work of device discovery mechanism to address
issues with connection between Mosaic Control and Mosaic Processor
• General: Several minor bug fixes and code improvements