dCS : Mise à jour du Network Bridge en version 1.02

dCS vient de publier une mise à jour (1.02) pour le Network Bridge apportant des corrections de bugs (ci-dessous) ainsi que la compatibilité avec l’application Mosaic!

dCS is pleased to announce the release of updated software for Network Bridge.

Main Board: 1.02
Network Board: 406

The update to the main board includes the following fixes:
// Corrected an issue where the front panel LED would not flash after certain firmware update operations.
// Improved the reliability of messaging between the FPGA and network card.
// Improved performance during track transitions in Roon.
// Improved the behaviour of seek operations in Roon when playing MQA content.
// Several bug fixes and minor enhancements.

The update to the dCS Network firmware is described in a separate release notes document.

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