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dCS Network Bridge : la mise à jour pour l’USB Audio ne verra jamais le jour

Un bel exemple des sociétés historiques perdues dans la nouvelle ère de la digitalisation, nous pouvons sans ambiguité, citer dCS. Cette société n’est pas nouvelle dans le “digital” et elle est même considérée comme un pilier avec Esoteric. Dans la dernière année, dCS a sorti son premier streamer : le […]

[English] dCS Network Bridge will never have any USB Audio output 1

As example of historical companies, somehow lost in the digital era, let’s mention dCS. this company is not a new comer in digital domain, and lot of people are considering them as a pillar of the digital with Esoteric. In the past year, dCS released its first streamer : The […]

[English] Digital Era : are the historical brands able to stick to the trend ? 1

Despite the rebirth of the LP in the past years driven by different ambitions and needs, the computer audio is clearly taking a strong place in the music landscape in the past 10 years. It is clearly accelerating with the growth of digital support and streaming, the cost down of […]

dCS Network Bridge : Mises à jour

dCS a proposé la semaine dernière une mise à jour essentiellement destinée à l’implémentation de MQA dans leur renderer dCS will be releasing support for MQA decoding in the Network Bridge on Wednesday, May 9 at 9:00AM UK time (BST). In conjunction with the firmware release a new version of […]

[Test/Review] Amare Musica Diamond Server (English Version) – Part 1

Amare Musica is a highEnd oriented audio brand coming from Poland. Their portfolio is growing month after month in order to adapt to the market. This brand is now offering amplifiers, DAC, Network players (transport and drives). The network players range is going from the Nano, with mini music server in the middle, to […]