Minimserver : mise à jour MinimServer 0.8 update 124 (MinimServer 0.8.5)

Mise à jour le 17/08 de minimserver en 0.8 Update 124.

Notes de mise à jour

New features

Added support for custom MIME types for DFF and DSF files. For more information, see the Custom MIME types section of the User guide.

Compatibility notes

The search order for some artwork files has been changed. For details of the new search order, see theArtwork section of the User guide.

Other changes

Fix problems with incorrect artwork displayed for multidisc albums
Enable recovery and relaunch following integrity check error for minimserver.config file
Don’t exclude files that have ID3v2 tag formatting errors
Ensure multiple instances of MinimServer can’t use the same configuration file
Don’t scan filesystem links that would create a circular path in the library structure
Fix java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException error with empty content directory
Report syntax error for trailing period in ignoreThe option


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